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My personal passion: improve, change, connect “Improvement,   solving   problems,   the   realisation   of   successful   project,   increment   of   efficiency,   operational   management   and cost   savings   can   be   gathered   under   my   passion.   Often   these   processes   are   accompanied   with   the   implementation   of changes.   With   this,   resistance   will   occur.   What   is   more   beautiful   than   moving   from   resistance   to   being   connected?   A   sneak preview can be read in the Dutch column: “Het feest van veranderen met weerstand” . In   my   personal   approach,   customer   satisfaction   and   the   human   being   are   key.   Daily,   I   draw   lots   of   pleasure   from   coming   up   with   solutions   for organisational problems and the implementation of optimisations. With pleasure and enthusiasm, I take on the challenge to both optimise your business operations and to realise cost savings. Stan van Gemert (owner).
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S10 consultancy advises, accompanies and offers practical support with a strong focus at cost savings. We earn ourselves back! Support at directorate, management and employee’s level.

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Regardless if it is about quality health safety and environment management, project management, operational management or strategy related issues, S10 consultancy can also support you with business operations! Why S10 consultancy?                          Specialist expertise with years of experience                          Fully customised support and consultation                          Assignments solely by our consortium of experts                          We save you more money than what we cost you We offer support at directorate, management and employee’s level. We operate, among others, in SME, the aerospace industry, care sector, public sector and laboratories.
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